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Youth 4R^3 (Reproductive Rights, Representation and Resources), led by young activists from around the globe, intends to build conscientization of reproductive justice, its current limitations across the world and provide vital resources as the change-making youth of today's world and the global citizens of tomorrow.


By recognizing the root of reproductive injustice as something that lies within generational cultural stigmas and underlying gender disparities in different worldly forums, our members are deeply motivated to advocate against these causes in real-world scenarios.


These scenarios include - but are not limited to - the fatal nature of current abortion laws in the US, the consequences of women’s political underrepresentation, access to safe reproductive healthcare, the economic repercussions inflicted by such injustice, maternity leave policies, debunking the cultural stigma, among other grave issues characteristic to this multidimensional abuse of justice.  

At Youth 4R^3, we aim to make change through various forms of advocacy, lobbying, and educational sessions, as well as through financial support to Non-Profit Organizations fighting for reproductive rights internationally. We believe strongly in the power of educational resources and socio-political representation to further the agenda of accessible reproductive rights.

"The first mark of respect for women is support for their reproductive rights"

Dr. Nafis Sadik, UNFPA Executive Director (1987-2000)

Our Framework to Pioneer Change



Pioneering an accessible platform that provides resources, a scope for reflection, and an understanding of this organization’s vision and mission.



Seeking youth involvement while curating a reproductive justice curriculum to amplify the fight for reproductive rights.



Collaboratively and actively advocating against local, national, and international reproductive injustices with a strong shared intent for change.


Publicly partnering with organizations, healthcare centers, public figures, and corporations to organize public forums of discussion and change-making.



Tackling the stigma revolving around reproductive justice by harnessing the power of education and awareness among different communities.


Pioneering an accessible platform that provides resources, a scope for reflection, and an understanding of this organization’s vision and mission.


Stimulating a change in perspective and inciting widespread recognition of our cause through emphasizing the importance of recognition.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Harnessing the power of science, education, and advocacy - in the fight for gender equality- to pioneer a future where reproductive justice is recognized and appreciated.

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Our Vision

To build a future where reproductive rights are appreciated, acknowledged, and respected as intrinsic components of global wellbeing and equality.

We Need Your Support Today!

Meet the Team

Youth 4R^3 is proud to have a team dedicated to making change in our communities and attaining our vision. 

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